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Mar 31, 2010 at 10:12 AM

Cash Sales multiple account determination


Dear all,

When we create a Cash Sales (BV) type, the Automatic Cash Account determination (SPRO settings) come into picture and instead of customer receivables, the Cash Account is posted to. Hence the accounting entry is something like this:

Cash Account (lets say X) - DEBIT - Rs 100

Sales - CREDIT - Rs 100

What we want to achieve is to have 2 such Cash accounts (for e.g. INR account Y, USD account Z) being hit by a corresponding sale ( where a customer has paid partly in INR and partly in USD). Hence the accounting entry is something like this:

INR Cash Account (Y) - DEBIT - Rs 55

USD Cash Account (Z) - DEBIT - USD 1

Sales - - CREDIT - Rs 100

The fudamental question I am seeking help on is - whether payment to cash accounts is possible using standard SD settings?

I know, through SAP notes, that Part Cash and Part Payment Type payment is not possible.