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Mar 31, 2010 at 07:30 AM

how to refresh the group value in cao1(bdc)


hi gurus,

i have developed a bdc for ca01, evry thing is fine in bdc, but what happend was, its taking the group value from history, because of that for every material group value is same but counter is getting incremented, but my requirement is for every meterial couter value should be 1, for that evry meterial should pic different group value, we cant upload the group value from bdc, sys should pick it automaticaly,

but its picking the group frm history for every material the counetr is getting incremented, so what i want to do is i need to clear the group value for every material so that system should generate the diff group for different material, how to clear that group value in ca01.

pl....pls me out gur