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Dec 26, 2018 at 06:36 PM

CX_AMDP_EXECUTION_FAILED - Dump when calling badi


Hello Experts ,

Could you please help me with the following problem .

We are calling badi which has PAL implementation inside it and passing two input tables .Unfortunately we are getting a dump .

At line we are calling the badi and tables it_data ,it_param are the input tables .

Here is the dump

Complete Error Details :

Error when executing the database procedure "CL_HEMI_TEMPLATE_FLBK_RDT=>IF_HEMI_TEMPLATE_BADI_RDT~TRAINING". SQL error: "4

23". SQL message: "AFL error: "SAPEOP"."CL_HEMI_TEMPLATE_RDT

=>TRAINING#stb2#20181120004842": line 9 col 3 (at pos 343): " "SAPEOP"."CL_


a1.png (185.3 kB)
a2.png (295.3 kB)
a3.png (342.4 kB)