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Mar 31, 2010 at 12:06 AM

Creating Decimal value less than 1 in output file


Hello ,

I have a scenario from INVOIC to EDI 810 . EDI 810 file is being created in NFS server . I have a mapping in which from the field value of D_610 we are removing the decimal point i.e.16.33 will be mapped as 1633.

The problem occurs when the field value is less than 1 like .03 or .40 . Target field is create properly but when the file is generated on the application server , 0 is removed .

i.e. if field value is .03 the PI mapping generates it as 03 but the field in file appears as only 3 . We are using the EDI mapping to to create edi file format in receiver CC .

It looks like this mapping might have the issue ?

I want to know is it possible to retrive this deployed mapping somewhere from server ?