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Mar 30, 2010 at 05:24 PM

What is significance of table ESERVICE?


Hi all,

In case of de-regulated market, we have a scenario of a different distributor and supplier for a particular customer. In such a case, there will be two installations and two contracts - one each for distributor and supplier on the same POD.

My queries are -

1. how this scenario is represented in SAP (in terms of entries in tables) and what is the role of table ESERVICE in this case?

2. And, when and how the entry in table ESERVICE is created?

3. In this table ESERVICE, the primary key is - VERTRAG. but this VERTRAG has no relation with the one in table EVER (correct me if I am wrong). SO what is the significance of this field and why is it called VERTRAG?

4. Can there be a scenario where there are more than one supplier active on a POD at a particular time slice? If yes, how is it represented in the table ESERVICE?

5. In such kind of scenario, if for a customer distributor and supplier is the same for the customer, how is this scenario maintained in the system? IS there any entry in table ESERVICE?

Can someone provide any material / link for more information on this table?