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Mar 30, 2010 at 01:44 PM

flat file conversion table adding new characterisitc to existing infocube



I am a completely newbie to BW (without formal training).

I need to change an existing infocube to add a new characteristic:

i have a flat file with basically 2 columns: supplierKey , newSupplierID

how can i add a new characteristics being the newSupplierID?

i created

a datasource with the flat file definition,

an infosource with 2 infoobjects AVENDOR, ASUP_ID (which i created)

the transformation

a datastore object

the transformation between the 2

the infopackage.

this was done by 'monkey' actions ...

no the problem as i understood is that in the existing solution they used 0SUPPLIER and i have been asked to create a ZSUPPLIER with the new attribut. But how can i combine the 2 ?

I tried with an infoset, but it would not let me link the existing infocube with the new DSO

I am completely lost.

Every help is welcome.