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Mar 30, 2010 at 01:27 PM

Customizing Web Dynpro page for E-REC


Hi Experts,

I have a question regarding customizing start pages for E-REC. I have customized the Web Dynpro page for HRRCF_A_STARTPAGE_INT_CAND. I have called it ZHRRCF_A_STARTPAGE_INT_CAND. I created this mainly so that I could customize the Personal Data tab (ZHRRCF_C_PERSONL_DATA_UI).

In the IMG Step "Define Start Pages" I also set startpage ID 0002 = ZHRRCF_A_STARTPAGE_INT_CAND (my new page)

I assumed that when a user went to the original page, they would be re-directed to the Z version. But that is not working.

The only way I can make the browser go to my custom page is if I include in the url:


Isn't there an easier way? What is the point of the IMG step if it does not accomplish anything?

Thanks for your help.