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Mar 30, 2010 at 01:24 PM

RFCSDK: unable to find RFCEXEC.SEC


I am an EDI consultant rather than SAP and I am Trying to get an Order Response from SAP to my P.C. on a test training system.

Been able to configure a company plant Sales Orders ete etc but I am at an impasse at this point:

I downloaded rfcsdk (the software development kit to create external RFC Server), I then put all my own settings from my SAPGUI on rfcexec.ini file site it as system variable more or less according to step 1. of this link.

I executed command rfceexec -D XXX_R and I got following message

"trying to open program rfcexec.sec".

I have looked at a lot of the documentation on web and hands-up I dont understand it because

a) Some people say on web rfcexec.sec should be on the sdk..Its not on mine!

I see it mentioned in RFCEXC.c source code so maybe I have to compile this, I have VisSTudio 2005 so its possible I could do this but need an idiots guide.

b) I am not sure what side SAP or PC this file should reside but assuming it should be on the P.C side or is it a SAP server file?

I have trawled net but to no avail I am totally stuck on this...