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Mar 30, 2010 at 12:57 PM

Synch Manager: Where Does the Data go?


In previous versions of zed E-Commerce and WebCRM, as well as WebTools, a document (NP2SBO-DataMap.xls) was shipped in the SDK\Code Examples\SynchPlugin\ folder that contained the a mapping of how the data synchs from one system to the other. However, not everyone knew this document was there and the information contained in it was considerably out of date. As part of the 7.1.2 release of zed E-Commerce and WebCRM we wanted to include the updated information as well as present it in a user friendly format that will allow the users to search for the information they require without having to scroll through pages of information to try and find it. This data will also be updated with each release to reflect the current version of the application.

Anyone who has installed 7.1.2 can view this information in the Admin under Help -> Synch Data Map. This will open a new tab displaying the basic information. For a more detailed view of the data click on the Advanced View link at the bottom of the page. The table will be updated to include information such as the field sizes and API properties.

If you haven't yet downloaded 7.1.2 you can view this information at . However, this link will reflect the mapping as of the version installed on the b1webcrm site (currently 7.1.2).

In the near future I will be creating an article in the Tips and Tricks section of our site ( ) explaining how to use this document if you are a basic user just curious as to what synchs where or an advanced user trying to determine what properties you can access for a custom synch plugin.

Steve Tibbs