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Dec 23, 2018 at 09:45 AM

Enhancing EMF header fields


Hello gurus!

I'm in the need to add some additional fields in my EMF reservation header.

What I've done:

1. I've added the needed fields in CI_KBLK

2. I've used the enhancement wizard (t-code: fmrew)

I did not generate a new function group in the process.

3. I saw my new fields in "Maintain field status for field selection string"

When I set them to Display, I can't see them in FMX1

When I set them to Req. entry, I can't save a document because they are mandatory, but I still can't see them.

When I use function: FMFR_CREATE_FROM_DATA , I can see my new fields, and when I fill them, they are successfully added to KBLK table.

have I missed a step?

How can I make my fields appear in the header of my Funds reservation documents?

Reward points will be given to anyone who can help me sort it out.
If any more info/picture is needed, just let me know

Thanks in advance,

Or Gaist.