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Mar 30, 2010 at 08:21 AM

SSO with AD to DB


Hi Tim,

I have question regarding SSO to database (MSSQL).

I read most of posts here but no solution found. I configure SSO to infoview from your white paper and this works with no problem.

To enable SSO to database:

- in CMC => "Cache security context (required for SSO to database)" in enabled

- in krb5.ini => "forwardable = true" in entered

- we created SPN => MSSQLSvc/ BOXISSO (boxisso is "kerberos user")

- in desiger => "use SSO when refreshing reports at view time"

In infoview I gen an error "Login failed to for user NT AUTHORITY/ANONYMOUS LOGON..."

On database are users authenticated with user boxisso or with their ad names? (what are privileges on mssql side needed?)

Thank you for reply!