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Mar 29, 2010 at 01:59 PM

Constants - To be declared in class or interface?


Hello OO gurus,

The place where I work is upgrading SAP version and now all developments must be done using OO concepts. I am already familiar with this concept but i have one doubt regarding its application in ABAP programs.

I transformed a existing procedural report into a object oriented report. I declared all the constants used in this program in a separated class as follows:

CLASS: cl_constants_handler DEFINITION.
            c_h1(10)          TYPE c    VALUE   'Purch.Doc.',
            c_h2(09)          TYPE c    VALUE   'Doc. date',
" (...)

However i saw that constants are declared in interfaces in standards programs. Then, classes need to implement these interfaces to used them. Examples: IF_BCB_ITEM_CONSTANTS, IF_CRM_CONSTANT1, IF_UA_APPLICATION_CONSTANTS

My question is: what is the advantage to declare constants in interfaces instead of classes?