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Former Member
Mar 29, 2010 at 01:46 PM

Liquidity item manually assignment (Liquidity Planner process)


Dear colleagues,

Can you please give me an advice in Liquidity Planner process.

I am trying to assign the liquidity item manually to payment document in FLQAM transaction. But I have the error: u201CNo line item exists for FI document <CompCode> <№doc> <year> 000. Message no. FLQ015u201D.

So can I assign the liquidity item for payment document manually if I donu2019t use automatic assignment from Bank statement, FI document and invoice?

The customizing which Iu2018ve done for liquidity planner:

FLQC1 - Liquidity Items creation;

FLQC2 - define default liquidity item values for incoming and outgoing payments documents (incoming payments, outgoing payments, incoming transfers, outgoing transfers);

FLQC3 - Company code activating for Liquidity Planner;

FLQC13 - Liquidity Calculation: Use Partial Information Maintain Info Accounts in Application; Get Information from Orders; Open G/L Account Lines are End Point; Completed per Company Code.

FLQC4 u2013 actual accounts except house bank accounts;

Thank you in advance.

Best Regards.