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Mar 29, 2010 at 01:38 PM

SRM multiple SSO tickets for every domain



we have the following configuration:

Client Internet Browser > Https (443) > Web Dispatcher

(fully qualified hostname) --> HTTP (80) --> Web Dispatcher -->

--> HTTP (port) --> SAP SRM System (fully qualified hostname of SRM server)

The URL used is https://name.domain:443/BBPStart

The domain of first web dispatcher is different from domain of SRM server.

It asks for a PSE installed on the first Web Dispatcher, then we log

into the system with username and password.

If use the link above, then access via internet, we can use LAC without

any problem, because the URL used by the link of Live Auction is:


But, if I access directly (intranet) to SRM system with:

http://fully qualified hostname of SRM server:port/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/bbpstart

then log into the system with username and password, go to Process

Auction, looks for and select the Live Auction,

click on the link of Live Auction, passing throught the first Web

Dispatcher (name.domain), it asks again for username and password.

How is it possible, considering that I've already logged into SRM


How can I avoid the request of username and password in that case?

Could I solve it using multipule SSO tickets for every domain?

How can I create multiple SSO tickets?

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