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Mar 29, 2010 at 09:50 AM

Order locked


Hi everyone,

We have a problem when we work with two orders with the same WBS element. The scenario is the following:

- We want to create a new order (repair process), so we call TX IW31. In "Addit Data" tab we complete the fields: "WBS element" and "Project Definition".

- While we are editing that order, another user wants to modify any of the orders that are below that Project-WBS element, but it is imposible. The reason is that all of the orders that are pending bellow that Projetct-WBS element in the hierarchy (displayed in TX CJ20N) are locked, so they cannot be edited. Even its imposible to create another new order refearing the same Projet/WBS element.

We'd like that two diferent users could be able to create two diferent orders refearing the same Projetct-WBS element at the same time.

Thanks in advance for your help.