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Mar 29, 2010 at 07:56 AM

External Catalogs of SRM 5.0 not working in SRM 7.0


Hi all,

Iu2019m in the process of converting all SRM 5.0 punchout catalogs to SRM 7.0.

All catalogs are working fine in SRM 5.0 but not in SRM 7.0.

For one I got a problem autologgin into the vendor catalog page.

In SRM 5.0 we are using ITS (no portal). For SRM 7.0 we are using SAP-Portal.

Iu2019ve traced SRM 5.0 punchout and SRM 7.0 punchout:





I guess the differences in the punchout call is the reason for the failure in the autologin.

I thought OCI u2013 interface is standardized. Both punchouts are with OCI-Version 4.0, but the call is different!

Have I missed some settings? Is it possible to customize the punchout call e.g. to exclude the system added parameter "sap-client=100" because this is not used ins SRM50 punchout?

Or is it the task of the vendor to customize his system to the SRM 7.0 punchout logic?

Thanks for all of your inputs