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Auto GR full qty for split TO Issue (LE/WM)

Nov 29, 2016 at 01:07 AM


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Dear experts,

I have question about Auto GR full quantity for split TO issue.

Our warehouse has config of auto GR during confirmation of TO.

Because of a physical bin is not enough to contain full qty of let's say 1000ea, so warehouse divided it into 100 ea for each storage bins, which is equal to 10 TOs.

So the issue is that, when warehouse LT12 to confirm the first TO(100ea), GR is posted for total qty of 1000ea.

When we want to proceed to confirm remaining open TOs, error 'PU Ordered quantity exceeded' occurred due to GR has been posted for full quantity.

When we use standard tcode LT03 to create TOs for same situation, the GR-ed qty (100ea) is based one each TO (100ea)which is correct.

However, when we use standard function L_TO_CREATE_DN to create TO, the auto GR-ed qty is the full qty (1000ea) eventhough we confirm only one TO. (100ea)

We checked both TOs created by LT03 and L_TO_CREATE_DN and it seems like there is no difference.

However, we suspect there is something is related to the delivery but not sure what is wrong.

Appreciate if you could provide any hints or opinions.


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3 Answers

Manish Kumar Nov 29, 2016 at 06:56 PM

Can you please have a look on the below screen with option 2 and try againg

IMG--LE--WM---Interface --Shippiing ---Define shipping control ---Shipping control per warehouse Number

w8vlx.png (38.1 kB)
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Hi Manish,

Thanks for your comment.

If I understood correctly, Option 2 is referring to 'Delyd updt, as soon as a TO is completely confirmed'.

I have tried with this option but it doesn't work.

Do you have any idea beside this?


Hi Manish,

Just FYI, I have also tested for all the option in this list, but it doesn't work.

Jürgen L
Nov 29, 2016 at 08:39 AM

If I understand this correct then the problem is only in your custom programs when you make use of function module L_TO_CREATE_DN, can you confirm that?

The docu the FM says that is works in general similar to LT03 in background mode.

When you compare it to LT03, did you talk about background mode or foreground mode?

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Hi Jurgen,

Thanks for your comment.

Yes, we know the issue happened because we use the function module in our customized program.

But we would like to know the main differences which happens here against the standard LT03, so that we can tackle the problem and amend appropriately.

I am not sure which are you referring to, but we compared it to LT03's foreground mode against the function module.


Jürgen is suggesting that you try in the background mode to see which one it behaves like.

I have a follow on question, is the LT12 also done in your customized program in one of your tests? Are you comparing that with the native LT12 too?


Hi Raghu,

LT03 could not be done in background for this scenario, because we need to specify the storage bin in foreground.

Regarding your additional question, LT12 is included in the FM but we did not use the LT12 in the FM. We did LT12 using the standard LT12 tcode. Therefore the obvious differences is only the creation of TO.

Raghu Govindarajan Nov 29, 2016 at 03:45 PM

The only thing I can think of is in SPRO --> Logistics Execution --> WM --> Interfaces --> Shipping --> Define Shipping Control you set up the "Copy WM quantity" to do one or the other or while doing the LT12 confirmation, the "Adopt Pick quantity" was set to do something other than blank (Control through movement type).

The only way that I can think of that these two are ok and you still experience this, is that the two deliveries in question have different movement types. Have you tried creating the TOs with the two different methods for the same delivery to see if there is a difference, by doing one, reversing it and trying with the other method?

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Hi Raghu,

Thanks for your comment.

Currently, we have option 4 (Do not take WM qty as delivery qty, but post GR/GI) maintained in the Define shipping control at the movement type level. However, this settings is there because of auto GR config we have in our system. If we remove this to become blank (Do not copy WM quantity as delivery qty into delivery), then we don't have auto GR, and it works fine for the scenario of one TO confirmed (100qty), and no GR is posted for full qty (1000qty).

However, what we are seeking is, while having auto GR done, we could have one TO confirmed (100qty), and no auto GR for full qty should be posted until all 10 TOs is confirmed. (Auto GR for each TO (100qty) is okay, but just not full qty)

Do you have any idea about this?