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Former Member
Mar 27, 2010 at 08:37 AM

Maximum condition value-issue



we have mantained maximum conditin value for condition type, the issue is cumulative value is not appearing correctly for billing value. for reference we check cumulative value at VK12 > Extras> Cumulative value> and select billing value.

We are not getting correct billing value, while we can get correct value for sale order, the biling value is not appering correctly when we have batch split items in delivery.

Ex. if condition type ZRPM have $1000 value at header level for one line items, then this 1000 value should appear in cumulative values(billing value). but, due to batch split it becomes 3 line items in billing, and we can see correct value at header level with $1000 in invocie but if we check the cumulative values at condition record then it multiplied 3 times. means 1000*3 = 3000 value are updated in cumulative value. that is incorrect.

could you please suggest if we have SAP note for the same