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Mar 27, 2010 at 07:18 AM

SAP B1 hanging


We have SAP B1 with PL 17 which is used for our Shipping liner activity. As our business process is unique there are lot of add-ons comprising of bulk uploads. The main document is Bill of Lading, information stored for this document is spread across different tables

Parent 'A' minimum of 500 - 100 records for each trip (voyage)

Child1 'B' comprises of mulitple records (Charges, can be considered as items) for a parent record 'A'

(minimum of 5 - 10 records)

Child2 'C' comprises of mulitple records (Containers) for a parent record 'A' (minimum of 5 records)

Child3 'D' comprises of mulitple records (Initial Charges) for a parent record 'A' (minimum of 5 - 10 records)

Multiple users on the LAN and WAN (through citrix) would indulge on different activities to the same tables such as

1. Bulk upload for various trips (voyages) in 'A'

2. SO against a parent 'A' for multiple items 'B'.

3. Brokerage/Commission against each Trip (Voyage)

3. MIS reports against each Trip (Voyage)


1. Document Series table getting locked due to which system hangs. Session has to be killed and SQL services needs to be


2. Data consistency/integrity issues.

As per standard practise of SAP B1 insert/update/Delete are being handled by SAP module. Through the SQL activity montior we find locks on the document series tables. Considering the complexity it's very difficult to explain all things in writing.

Appreciate if some one could provide us their expertise or assist/help us on the said matter.

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