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Mar 26, 2010 at 07:59 PM

SNP Business User Manual question


Hi guru's,

This is my first time doing a user manual for business. I am planning to do SNP user manual and I am confused where to start with and what all I need to do for a user manual.

should I include screen shots for CIF also in user manual? if yes what all should I include? Create, change, activate IM is enough?

If CIf is not required, shoudl I start with

1) how to create a location

2) how to create product master(explain each and every field???)

3) how to create resource

4) how to create ppm?

5) how to convert ppds pmm to snp ppm

6) how to create T-lane

7) navigation through Interactive snp planning book

8) run heuristics

9) run optimizer

10) run deployment and TLB

11) End

am i in the right path? or please guide me what all should I include in the user manual? Thx a lot for ur help in advance guys.will rep ya for sure..