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Mar 26, 2010 at 04:44 PM

MASFET : ALE Configuration Issue


Hi All,

I have an issue with ALE Config for MATFET ( GET Material BD11)

I have system S (Sender) and System R(Receiver)

I have created a distribution model in System S

With Message Type MATFET

Sender S

Receiver R

With Message Type MATMAS

Sender S

Receiver R

Port s to r

and i created the partner profiles and distributed the model view

In system S ( Sender)

For Logical System R ( Receiver)

i have

Message Type MATFET in Outbound Parameters

Message Type MATMAS in Outbound Parameters

In system R ( Receiver )

For Logical System S ( Receiver)

i have

Message Type MATFET in INbound Parameters

Message Type MATFET in INbound Parameters

Everything works for Send Material BD10 ( From S TO R)

Problem is Get Material BD11

If i run BD11 in

1) R ( Receiver System ) ,

It generates an Outbound IDOC With error status 29 Error in ALE service

Could not determine recipients for message type MATFET

No idocs Generated in S (Sender System)

2) If i run BD11 in S ( Sender System ) ,

It generates an Outbound IDOC With Success status 03 Data passed to port OK

IDoc sent to SAP system or external program

It generates an Inbound IDOC With Success status 53 Application document posted in R ( Receiver System)

_But the problem is i don't see the changes in R System for that Particular Material_

Note : I have different Material Desc before Executing BD11 And it remains same evern after Running BD11

Also when i execute BD11 ,i have to enter the Material and MESSAGE TYPE , It doesn't allow me to enTER message Type MASFET instead i have used MATMAS

One more question,

1) If i need to get the material from S to R,

DO I NEED TO RUN BD11 IN R system right since i don't have the port it doesn't work

If i run BD11 in R ,

Does it create an OUTBOUND IDOC in R sytem ( Requesting for Info),

inbound IDOC in S System( Indicating rEQ FOR INFO FROM R System) and it send the info back to R system right ?

so does it create an outbound to R system and at the end the R system receives an Indound with INFO WHICH IS POSTED TO APPLICATION

I'm confused , i have word with Sending Material, vendors etc but this is the first time i'm working something like Getting Material etc.

Let me know , if i'm missing anything