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Time evaluation -early clockin for shifts starting at midnight ?


What is the recognised approach for handling the situation where employees starting at midnight clock in early ?.


DWS is Midnight to 08:00

On Saturday employee comes in at 00:00 out at 08:00 u2013 no problem

On Saturday night employee clocks in at 23:30 for the Sunday shift and clocks out at 08:00 Sunday morning.

When I process Saturday I get two time pairs

00:00 u2013 08:00

23:30 u2013 32:00

The second pair is the planned working time for Sunday (pulled back into Saturday)

Giving me the problem of how to set it up so that this pair (well the 00:00 to 08:00 piece) gets recognised as Planned working time.



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2 Answers

  • Mar 27, 2010 at 06:10 PM

    I notice Note 336994 - PT-EV: Daily work schedules starting at 00:00 Describes my problem exactly


    An employee works on rotating shifts and, for example, on a certain day his/her daily work schedule starts at 00:00h and ends at 08:00h. The employee clocks-in some time before the shift begins, at 23:55h, and clocks-out some time after the shift ends, at 08:05h.

    When running RPTIME00 the system assigns the clock-out time to the previous day and forms a time pair from 23:55h to 32:05h. Nevertheless, when importing the daily work schedule (function P2011) the time labelled as planned time in table TZP is from 00:00h to 08:00h. So, the time events recorded for one day are evaluated on the previous day and this results on a full-day absence for the day the time events belong to, and at the same time 08:10h of overtime on the previous day.

    Other terms

    Midnight schedules;


    The purpose of this note is to describe a possible implementation of a workaround to overcome the time evaluation missing functionality described above.

    However affected releases are only 45 and 46 (according to the note)

    Our system as originally installed was 4.0b with subsequent upgrades to 4.7 and ECC6. We are only looking at time evaluation now.

    Should the standard ECC6 system handle out of the box, the situation described by the note ?.

    I wonder if we have got some old code hanging around !!

    Note as I am only prototyping I am keying my clock times in manually to IT2011


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  • Mar 30, 2010 at 10:12 AM

    For anbody interested I logged a call with SAP on this questioning the validity of note 336994 and I got the following reply

    The workarounds described in note 336994 are the only way to resolve thedescribed issue. Please test these workarounds in a test system before

    using them in tyour productive environment. Even if the note

    administration refers to older releases, the described procedure can be

    used in the ongoing releases too.

    Because night shift issues are often complex, please also refer to the

    notes 356716 and 384588, which has been written for country-specific

    needs (for Germany) but contains also some useful information with

    international relevance.


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