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Mar 26, 2010 at 01:23 PM

Set Yield of Operation as Operation qty for next Operation



We are experiencing the following problem:

In our Production Orders we have a number of Operations and if we release an Operation, WM automatically creates a Transfer Order (WM Material Staging) to provide the shop floor with the necessary materials/components required to execute that Operation.

Now the first Operation can be for say 100 EA.

In the Production Order confirmation, there is always some amount of scrap in our case, so the first Operation could be confirmed as having 80 EA of Yield and 20 EA of Scrap (we do not have/work with Rework).

Now we want the quantity to produce AND the WM Material Staging quantity for the next/second Operation to be for the Yield quantity of the previous Operation, in this case 80 EA.

However, SAP does not adjust the Operation quantity of the second Operation (CO03> Operation overview/F5>double click on second Operation>tab Qties/Activities>field Operation Qty u2013 AFVGD-MGVRG) to the Yield quantity confirmed in the first Operation (CO03> Operation overview/F5>double click on first Operation>tab Qties/Activities>field Confirmed Yield u2013 AFVGD-LMNGA) and consequently too much components (20 EA) are provided with the WM Material Staging for the second Operation.

How can we configure SAP to set the Yield of the previous Operation as the Operation quantity for the next Operation? I tried OPK4 but could not find a parameter with which we can control this.

Might it be we need a user exit for this (for instance CONFPP01/EXIT_SAPLCORF_101)?

Thanks in advance for any clues!

Kind regards,