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Mar 26, 2010 at 12:28 PM

Using the variable "Parameter" type in a BSP page


I have my code working to the point where I can call the BAPI -->BAPI_SERVNOT_GET_DETAIL and not have the program crash. Now what is happening is that when I pass it a value, I am not getting any data returned. I have traced through the program and there is a check that compare the value I entered with what is in the database. At this point I am getting a NOT FOUND error. I then run the BAPI in SE37 and it work fine with data returned when I enter the same value.

Most of the ABAP code for this BSP is coming from a Z-Transaction that our developer created, where the attribute P_QMUM is defined as:

     matchcode object QMEG.

I have tried to enter the above code into my BAP, but get an error that 'PARAMETER' can not be defined in either the form or event handler.

1: do I really need to use the above declaration for P_QMNUM?

2: If so, then how do I enter it?

Thanks again for all the help

Also, I have been searching for any notes to cover this topic with no luck. Is there some trick that I can use to narrow the search so that I can get closer to a solution and not have to keep on asking quesiton of this group?