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Mar 26, 2010 at 11:18 AM

Balance stock


Hi Everyone,

I have a scenario in which the sales order has linked PR and further PO against which the GR and invoice has been done. But the sales order was rejected consequntly.

Now the stock has been physically moved but were not entered in SAP.

Now it's showing in MMBE as allocated to the particular sales order item.

The customer now wants to remove them from MMBE. So what should be the ideal movement which can be done in SAP.

I know I can use the mov typ 551 with special stock E and post the amount to scrap but will it have any effect on accouting entries which needs to be balanced?

or else I can also use 502 E but there the accounts entry are missing so posting can't be done and it's not wise to ask customer to maintain accouting entries for this.

Please suggest any alternative of 551 E is good way to go.Or do we have any note for such scenario?

Awiting your reply.