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Mar 26, 2010 at 11:12 AM

Display of Credit Card Data - PRCCD


Hello SAP Experts,

We have an issue concerning data showing differently in PRCCD(display of CC trans) in R/3 Enterprise 4.7 Travel Management.

Client has multiple companies in the group and an emp was moved from one co.code to another but the PRCCD's Organisational Key Assignment still carries the old company cost center.

Eg: Emp 'A' was earlier setup in Co. GB01 with cost center GB01S001 and moved to Co.code GB02 with new cost centre GB02S001. Expectation was subsequent to this change any upload of CC data will use GB02 as company code and GB02S001 as cost center which it is using correctly but the PRCCD data field 'Organisation Key' still shows the GB01S001 as cost centre. Does this means that this transaction is going to take old cost centre into consideration and not the new although it is also showing the correct new cost centre in cost center field.

What does the 'Organisation Key' holds and any significance of this field. ?

I have checked and confirmed the PRMD info which has all the new updated information.

Any advise or suggestions. Please respond urgently and thank you for looking into this query.