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Should S4HANA_READINESS_1809 show up in the F4-Help for Release ID in ATC?

Hi Folks,

we are working with a central ATC system which is on NW 752 SP02. Today, OSS-Note 2659194 - Check variant for SAP S/4HANA 1809 custom code checks got implemented and as a result and after importing the simplification list for 1809 the check variant S4HANA_READINESS_1809 is now available.

But, I'm not seeing this release ID in the F4-help when I want to include S4/HANA-readiness checks in one of our own global check variants:

Is this by design or is it something I'll need to raise an OSS-message for? I already searched for a note we may be missing but didn't find anything promising.



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3 Answers

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    Jan 07 at 03:05 PM

    Mh... have you imported all the content from this note already?

    • 2241080 - SAP S/4HANA: Content for checking customer specific code

    I think this is the content, which will fill also your mentioned table above.

    Pretty sure you already know this OSS, but just to make sure I mentioned it

    • 2190420 - SAP S/4HANA: Recommendations for adaption of customer specific code

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    • Thanks again, Florian!

      Yes, we had OSS-Note 2241080 on our radar but had somehow missed the latest update which was published in early October 2018. Once the simplification data was downloaded, the expected entry became available in the dropdown list:

      I'll add a note to our internal "scratch pad" of activities surrounding our central ATC-system to not forget about this particular note again! I also added it to my favorites in SAP-Support.



  • Dec 20, 2018 at 08:39 PM

    I would expect it to show up. Let me have a try tomorrow and I update this answer.

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  • Jan 07 at 10:12 AM

    Hi Bärbel Winkler , it's not there. But don't you have to generate a variant via the report


    before. When doing that, I see an additional entry.

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    • Florian Henninger

      Thanks for your response, Florian!

      My basis-colleague tried to run the report but it's not really clear from OSS-Note 2485726 ( how it needs to be executed. The included comment "Additionally it is possible to use the new report "SYCM_SETUP_VARIANT_FOR_RELEASE" to generate a customer specific Code Inspector check variant, if necessary." doesn't help much. The check-variant already exists but the Release ID of the same name seems to be missing.

      I tried something else:

      • Created my own version as a copy of check variant S4HANA_READINESS_1809
      • Checked the Release-ID for one of the S4HANA-Checks where S4HANA_READINESS_1809 is shown:

      • Tried to simply aknowledge the selection and then get this error-message (which doesn't have any long text and seems to be filled from a text-element as it's just using Message-Number 001 in ID 00):

      • I also get this message when I simply look at the corresponding entry in the provided check-variant S4HANA_READINESS_1809
      • Tracking this down via debugging it seems that entries for Release 1809 are missing in table SYCM_REL_STACK (there are 150 lines for 1709 but none for 1809). This then triggers the error-message in Method IS_RELEASE_INFO_APPLICABLE of Class CL_YCM_RELEASE_STACK:
          method is_release_info_applicable.
              err_txt_invalid_id  type string,
              l_err_msgs_relstack type ty_error_msgs,
              l_err_msgs_sdb      type ty_error_msgs.
            result = abap_false.
            clear e_error_msgs.
            if i_release_id = c_all_releases.
              err_txt_invalid_id = |'{ i_release_id }' | && 'is a reserved ID. Enter another Release ID'(106).
              append err_txt_invalid_id to e_error_msgs.
            if is_release_stack_uploaded( i_release_id ) <> abap_true.
              err_txt_invalid_id =
                'No target release information found for Release ID'(107)
                && ` '` && i_release_id && `'`.
              append err_txt_invalid_id to e_error_msgs.
      • It looks ever more likely that I'll need to create an OSS-message!