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Mar 26, 2010 at 09:19 AM

Planing via MD01 only for one storage location



I have the following setup:

Plant p1 has storage locations sl1, sl2, sl3, ... sl9

In transaction mm43 (display retail material) I can see the following setup of the material:


-MRP Type V2, ... and so on

Behind Button MRP/Forecast Data I can switch to for example storage location sl3 and there I can see

Storage Location MRP:

-SLOC MRP indicator = 2

-Reorder point = 50

-Replenishment qty = 70

I think its meant like the following: if the material in storage location sl3 is equal or below 50 then there will be a goods movement from the "main storage location" to the storage location sl3 with 70 pieces of the material. Afterwards there would be 130 in the sl3.

Maybe its a good thing to run "the report" every day in the evening so that the sl3 location will be filled up every day if necessarily.

Now the questions:

Is the transaction MD01 "the report"? I have no chance of setting up the storage location there.

Where can I check whats the "main storage location", the location where the replenishment comes from?

Some of my colleagues mentioned the Transaction MB26 where they check the planed for replenichment materials. Is this at all usefull in this context? They told me the list is reacting very slow... so if they run out of stock of some material then "the list" recognizes this 2 or 3 days later.

I am looking forward to your answers!