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Mar 26, 2010 at 04:54 AM

Issue in creating restricted measure in OLAP universe


Hi Experts,

I am building an OLAP universe over a BEx query (SAP BI7). I am using BO XI R3.

I have one dimension Prchasing Organisation and one measure Number of Records.

Prchasing Organisation has values HAS,BRU,CEN etc.

I am trying to create a restricted measure in universe as below:

Name: No Of Records for HAS

In the Select clause: @Select(Key Figures\Number of Records)

In the Where clause: @Select(Dimensions\Purchasing Organisation)='HAS'

The object is parsing OK.

But when I am using this restricted measure in WebI, I am getting no value.

Even if I create a dimension object HAS with @Select(Dimensions\Purchasing Organisation) in select section and @Select(Dimensions\Purchasing Organisation)='HAS' in Where section, the object is parsing fine, but returns no row in webi.

If I use filter in webi instead of building such restricted measure or dimension in universe, I am able to get desired result.

Any idea why this is happenning ?

Best Regards