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Mar 26, 2010 at 03:04 AM

Delete Terminations Vs. Change Utility


Due to a nightly feed to our IT department for network access, our HR department has created a process for externals. In this process when they hire an external employee, they automatically enter a termination action 6 months from the date of hire. This is at the request of our IT department.

Currently, the process is if the external needs extended one of the super users we have goes in and uses the Change Entry/Leaving Date utility to change the effective date of the term.

This job has now become too big for just our super users. As a result, HR will push this process out to all users. However, rather than giving them all access to the Change Entry/Leaving Date utility they want the process to be they delete the termination action from the record and then re-enter from scratch.

I know it is best practice to use the utility but is there any kind of issues you foresee if they just delete them instead? I canu2019t think of any but wanted to ask others first.