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Mar 26, 2010 at 01:17 AM

error in technical system avoids jco destinations creation


Hello Gurus, i am integrating bi7 integrated planning with sap portal 7, i have made rfc conections , sso, and another steps , bi7 is on pathc level 11, and 12, and portal is on patch level 21.

when i add bwi7 to sld it finishes with the error

CIM_ERR_ALREADY_EXISTS: Instance already exists: SAP_InstalledProduct.CollectionID="273bc597-5e8f-98b1-67ef-dca5b969aebc",ProductIdentifyingNumber="01200615320900001250",ProductName="SAP NETWEAVER",ProductVendor="",ProductVersion="7.0 (2004S)",SystemID="BWP.SystemNumber.,,,,,etc etc"

It actually adds the system, but looking at the details of this created system , i realized that it has neither message server nor logon group, when i try to create jco destinations it says that i have maintain a message server

As an experiment, i added another bi7 system with pathch levels 20 and 22 it displays the same error "CIM_ERR_ALREADY_EXISTS: ... etc " but it was succesfuly created on sld since details look ok!

Could anybody give a suggestion please?

Beast regards!!!

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