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Mar 25, 2010 at 09:20 PM

Unexpected error determining relative path---- Error code:-2147217395 Error


I am trying to send a report directly to print using an EJB deployed in an ear. However, I am unable to determine the relative path configuration. The CRConfig.xml is in the root of the ejb.jar. I can access the report using an absolute path in the file directory (e.g. c:\reports\myreport.rpt). However, I would rather deploy the rpt with the ear.

The ear has the following structure


--\META-INF\lib\Crystal jars

-- ejb.jar

<<CRConfig.xml >>


<<EJB Bean.>>

ReportClientDocument reportDoc = new ReportClientDocument();"myreport.rpt", 0);

Any ideas? Is this possible?

Thanks in advance.