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Mar 25, 2010 at 06:13 PM

Service Publication from PI Repository vs Directory vs SOAMANAGER



I have question on the service publication states when it is published from ECC and PI

Let say we have a scenario where we need to call a Server Proxy via PI.

When I publish the service from PI Repository(inbound service interface), it is registered in SR as

Service State - Modeled

System - <PI SID>_ESROn<Host>

No Endpoint in this case, since it is not configured.

I implement the server proxy in ECC and configure endpoint publish it through SOAMANAGER , It is registered separately

in SR as

Service State - Configured

System - <ECC SID>On<Host>

But this is not via PI mediated and also publication system is different.

Now I am confused, the same service, when I published from PI-ESR, it is "Modeled" with PI system name.

When I Publish it from ECC, It creates separate entry with state configured(if I define endpoint for it)

Why there is an option/need to publish Service from PI Repository at all, when it remains in the model state?

Another question:

There is an option to publish the service from PI Directory too. It is available from Sender Agreement(for the Outbound

Service Interface for the same Proxy). When I do it from here.. It makes another entry in service registry

Now state is configured But the Service name is not what I published from PI-ESR.

I published the inbound Service i/f from ESR. The service I publish from PI Directory is Outbound SI

So If I need to use PI mediated publication it will always be Sender Agreement (Outbound interface) with SOAP adapter,


Again I don't see any point publishing Inbound Interface from ESR. coz I can not configure it.

Can you explain me how PI publications(from ESR or Directory) affects the SR entry?