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Mar 25, 2010 at 05:20 PM

Password expired problem in backend system for Portal Users


Hi all,

I need your help here please. Here is the background :

We have a password parameters configuration which say that if the end user doesn't logon in SAP in the first 7 days, his initial password is automatically expired. Then system administrator need to reset the password. For backend users, this is not a problem because generally they respect that timing.

Problem comes with our Portal users, they have only a portal role in back end, they are not supposed to log on in the backend system, but only on the portal. The issue is that most of the users will never log on the portal within the 7 first days after go-live, and we have 40.000 end users going live with portal.

How to avoid that most of our portal users get their password expired after 7 days and call the helpdesk ? An extension of the password parameters above the 7 days is not accepted.

Can you help me in that question please.

Thanks a lot

PS : SAP ECC 6 and Portal