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Mar 25, 2010 at 12:50 PM

Post installation for Portal and errors for new system


I've recently installed a NW 7 based ABAPJAVA System with Portal Components (EPEP Core) on Windows + Oracle for demo.

1 ) Since, I am facing a lot of errors after the installation, I think I have missed to carry out some post-install steps. Can someone please suggest on the post-installation steps in some detail ??

2) When I try to open the newly installed portal using http://fqdn_host:50000/irj ; the browser shows some exception has occurred: However, I tried to restart the system (everything including db) as suggested in some of the other links and login went fine.

After I logged in to the portal (/irj) as j2ee_admin; I am trying to open Content Administration --> Portal Content OR System Administration -> Transport OR --> System Configuration etc ; but I am getting the error coded below::

An exception occurred while processing a request for :
iView : pcd:portal_content/every_user/general/defaultDesktop/frameworkPages/frameworkpage/
Component Name :

Error occurs during the rendering of jsp component.
Exception id: 05:05_25/03/10_0032_7012350
See the details for the exception ID in the log file

The log file (that I believe is the trace file in cluster/server0/log/defaultTrace.0.trc) says (This gives several such exceptions listed in the file.) (I'll put the log as a comment to the post because of the limit on max characters)

Note that the link http://punitp84712d:50000/nwa works absolutely fine. PFB the J2EE process details.

J2EE Process Details

Name Type PID Status Debug

Dispatcher ID7012300 J2EE Dispatcher 3,240 Running Disabled

SDM SDM Server 4,736 Running Switched off

Server0 ID7012350 J2EE Server 596 Running Disabled

Can someone please help me through this and let me know how did you draw your inference. Let me know if there is any other place that can give me more information / logs on the error.