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Former Member
Mar 25, 2010 at 05:51 AM

Check a transport (organizer) request whether it error or not


Dear expert,

How can i check a request (transport request) whether all object in its request are valid or not without have manually delete one by one from SE10. (Valid means -> none of the object in its request is missing - deleted)


I create a table TabA include in request 'RequestA' in development process.

Later i've to delete this table TabA because i don't need it. But although i delete this table from, request 'RequestA' still contains object table TabA, it is not deleted automaticaly from request where its belong.

So, how can i check it automaticaly with some tcode from SAP standard program maybe?(which object that has been deleted in list).

I know it can use manual delete on SE10, but the consequences is i've to check it one by one. say it only one object (table/screen/ or program), but if i've 50 or 100 more object created inside it. It waste alot of time to check it one by one.

Any idea?...

Thanks for the response.