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Mar 24, 2010 at 05:33 PM

CI/DB Server performance on Vmware?


I am looking at Vmware compared to physical hosting for a replacement SAP infrastructure.

Would anyone care to pass comment on the following comment in OSS note: 674851.

"...applications that actually access the database, or communicate or print using the network, are significantly slower " [on a virtualized server, when compared to a physical server]

and (even more frightening)

"For release upgrades and Unicode migrations in a virtual environment, runtimes that are up to five times longer than the runtimes in a non-virtualized environment have occurred."

Are these comments borne out by your experiences??

It seems to me that almost every program in SAP 'actually accesses the database', so that means everything is significantly slower under vmware. I can accept the touted 10-20% slower than the physical hardware; I can't accept 5x slower...

If so, is there any real benefit in virtualising the CI/DB in an ABAP based system?

Or is a better approach to virtualise only non-production environments?

Thanks in advance,