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Mar 24, 2010 at 03:14 PM

problem with the accounting part of a Return PO


Hi all, we have a problem with the accounting part of a Return PO

We have the following scenario:

1- To receive the materials

A normal PO is used, an inbound Delivery and a Shipment are also created, the inventory is increased with a GR 101 that makes a Increase in the stock account against the GR/IR clearing account

2- To return product to the vendor

A return PO with the return flag turned on is created, we create also a delivery and a shipment, the inventory is decreased with a 161 movement that makes a decrease in stock account against a price difference account.

With this logic the GR/IR clearing account remains the same as it is not touched by the return process, the price difference account is affected instead.


How can we do to use the GR/IR clearing account in the second process (return to vendor) in order to touch the same accounts in both processes ??

Is there any other way to solve it ?

Any idea is very welcome