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Mar 24, 2010 at 02:50 PM

Multiple Development Clients


We currently have multiple Development clients. Client 100 is our Golden Client where we do our configuration, Client 300 is our Development Client where we do our Development, and Client 200 is where we bring both together for Unit Testing and have our testing data.

We are having an issue with our 300 client not always being kept up to date with configuration, so we have been taking another look at our landscape.

we are thinking we would like to go back to either One or Two clients in Dev.

We are thinking we could use client 100 as the Golden Client and keep only configuration in there, and keep 200 to do Development and unit testing with.

Does anyone have any pro's or con's around this?

Has anyone had to do this before?

Did it work well, or were there issues with anything?.

Are there any "heads -up" I should know about?

thanks in advance