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Mar 24, 2010 at 01:21 PM

Activation of navigational attributes in BCS MultiProvider Scenario


Dear Experts

We use the MultiProvider Scenario in SEM BCS 6.0 as described in

The reporting works fine.

We have one MultiProvider MP01, a reporting cube RPC01, a Virtual InfoProvider VPC01 and an InfoCube for Total Records IC01.

Now there is a new requirement to report on u201Ccountriesu201D. The master data

data attribute u201CCountryu201D of the InfoObject u201CConsolidation Unitu201D has to be used for this purpose.

So we performed the following steps in the BW-System:

- Set the attribute u201CCountryu201D of the InfoObject u201CConsolidation Unitu201D as a navigational attribute (attribute is not time dependent)

- Activate this new navigational attribute in all InfoProviders which are assigned to the MultiProvider, i.e. RPC01, VPC01 and IC01.

- Activate the navigational attribute in the MultiProvider and assign the respective navigational attributes from the underlying InfoProviders to MultiProvider InfoObject

- Initialize the Delta Load for MultiProvider Scenario again (Upload from IC01 to RPC01)

After performing these steps the attribute u201Ccountryu201D has automatically been marked as a selection attribute in the BCS data basis (tab u201CAttributeu201D, transaction UCWB), and it is also available in BEx Query Designer.

But when I create a query with the new navigational attribute u201CCountryu201D in the rows and run it I got an exception error (exception 02). But the message says that navigation is possible. If I remove the drill-down to u201Ccountryu201D the data is shown. Afterwards we tried to save the data basis again in BCS. But it is still not working.

Why is it not possible to show the data from the navigational attribute even if the master data is maintained?

Have I forgotten anything, or have I not followed the right sequence?

Which steps have to be followed to activate a navigational attribute in the MultiProvider Secenario?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Best regards