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Mar 24, 2010 at 12:53 PM

Stored Proc, Multivalue param, and a grid please


Hi All,

Using SQL 2005, CR 2008 sp2. The result must be an RPT file, can have a .NET dll if needed (goes into a vendor provided reporting site, we don't want 2 sites or I would have gladly done this in ASP.NET)

The report I am working on requires the use of cursors for iteration, which sticks me in either a stored proc or a .NET dataset assembly (don't care which, i've tried both already). 2 of the parameters must be multi select. I have a function called in the sp that splits a comma delimited list so I can build the seperate values into one parameter (regarding the multiselect params). I have seen where an example of using a main form with a subform is recommended. My problem is, I am shiny new to crystal reports. I tried this method and in the preview screen I get nothing but white. If I preview my subreport and provide the param data when it prompts me, I get data.

How do I tell CR that I want to main report to prompt me for its params on data refresh, just as it does on a single report solution?

How, exactly, do I get my selections joined and passed to the subreport

and how do I point the stored proc param to that object?

Thanks a bunch

Oh almost forgot, There are about 17 columns returned. Is there a way I can tell CR I want a grid with headers? How do I tell CR that I want a row for every record returned?

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