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Mar 24, 2010 at 10:05 AM

PGI reversal for difference quantity


HI Friends

I have a question with regard to Proof of Delivery

We created sales order for 5 Qtys

Created Delivery for 5 Qtys

PGI done for 5 Qtys

Physically delivered 4 Qtys

POD confirmation for 4 Qtys with Difference Reason

Billing for 4 Qtys

But what will happen to the 1 Qty where PGI already done .When do we reverse that. When i try to reverse teh PGI after doing confirmation in POD (VLPOD) with diffrerence , syetem is not allowing me to reverse the PGI saying POD confirmation is there.

System is allowing me to reverse the PGI only before the POD confirmation anf if i do so i couldnt enter the difference in POD confirmation.

There is one transaction VLPODF - Subsequent process for POD where we can see the difference qyts for deliverys. Is this the trancation where we reverse the PGI for difference ?

KIndly help me in giving your valuable inputs


Jitendra Singh