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Dec 20, 2018 at 03:28 PM

Connect to SAP via HTTP SOAP request using JWT token from DELL BOOMI ( Third party tool )


HI Folks,

I have a scenario:
FLOW : Sales Force -> Dell Boomi - > SAP

1) First user login into OKTA, it will direct to Sales Force. ( Actual back end process if when user login into OKTA, it will generate a JWT token and it will connect to sale force system with user id & token ( not password )

2) Sales force send the USER id & JWT token to Dell BOOMI .

3) Dell boomi sends the USER ID & JWT token to SAP.

Using USER ID & JWT token, we need to connect to SAP.

note : a ) here we need to login into sap with same user id which login into OKTA layer.

b) OKTA user id same as SAP user id.

In sap, I do not see an option to connect using RFC with dynamic user id credentials and also we are not getting user id & password, we are getting user id & JWT token.

Somewhere i read that we can use OData service and OAUTH. We tried that one too but it didn't work out.

Also i read about HTTP/SOAP request we can create in sap. It has 3 options : a) User ID / Password 2) X.509 Certificate 3) SAP Logon Ticket.

Not sure which option i can use or what is the solution for this?

Kindly help on this scenario.