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Mar 24, 2010 at 06:45 AM

Questions about STMS


Hi Experts,

I'm new in basis and have some basic questions about STMS:

My system landscape is DEV--QAS-PRD.

I set domain controller as QAS.

The question is:

1. In most cases, should transport directory be on the same host as domain controller? (in this case, transport directory on QAS server)

2. If I release TR in DEV system, where should the exported data be export to? on the 'sapmnt\trans' directory of QAS or on the 'sapmnt\trans' directory of DEV?

3. If the exported data were written to the 'sapmnt\trans' directory of QAS, then, does it mean that the 'sapmnt\trans' directory is of no use on DEV server and PRD server? (only trans directory in QAS is useful?)

4. Does the file DOMAIN.CFG and TP_DOMAIN_<SID>.PFL in directory /sap/trans/bin should exactly be the same on those three systems?

5. In this case, what should the parameter DIR_TRANS be on server DEV and QAS? in QAS(controller), the parameter is
sapsrvqas\sapmnt\trans, then, in DEV, should the parameter be
sapsrvdev\sapmnt\trans or just

6. Should the transport route diagram version be exactly the same as on those three systems? I saw in my systems, the diagram is exactly the same on all systems, but strangely, the version on QAS is 10, while in DEV and PRD is 11, I don't know why...

Thank you very much for all in advance.

I will thank you again to all once the questions is clear to me.

Thank you.

Best regards,