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Former Member
Mar 24, 2010 at 01:06 AM

Select Expert doesn't work with multiple value parameter


Using Crystal XI.

I have defined a parameter {?Employee} as a string, then used the Select Expert to create the selection:

EmpCode IS ONE OF {?Employee}. This creates the formula syntax 'EmpCode in [{?Employee}]' and saves OK. So far, so good.

However when I use a VB program to set the Employee parameter to a number of employee codes (e.g. "1232","6624","4396") it doesn't work. I suspect it treated my 3 employee codes as a single string and therefore failed to match anything. I tried setting the ?Employee parameter to multiple values but then the parameter doesn't appear in the Select expert options when using 'is one of'.

Surely the Select Expert should be able to handle this? Anyone managed to get this to work?