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Mar 23, 2010 at 09:18 PM

How to suppress all details and header based on value of one detail


I'm having trouble figuring out what seems like a simple request. We have a Crystal report (XI R2) that shows insurance claims. Data related to claims is displayed in Group Headers. Each claim can have multiple "tasks" displayed in the details section under the Header.

If one of the detail records within the claim has a certain value then we need to suppress all detail records and header for that claim. I thought it sounded easy...

This example might make more sense:

I read a different post where someone had the exact same issue but I don't think he figured it out. It was someone doing a report on prisoners (header). The report showed all convictions (details) for each prisoner. If a prisoner was conviction of X then don't display the prisoner or any of his convictions.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.