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Mar 23, 2010 at 10:36 AM

DME (Split in BACS)


Hi Experts,

This issue is related to BACS,

*Basic History of the issue which done by FICO People*

Currently we have 2 company code 1000 and 2000.All payment are made from cc1000 on behalf of cc2000. From 01.04.2010 they would like 2000 to make it own payment for its own bank account. for Payroll area P3 and P4 the payment must be made from this new bank account that we will create for company code 2000.

Testing from HR Side

we have made the decision to transfer approx 40 or so employees on cc1000 on payroll area P4, to payroll area

P5. when execute this Pre-Program DME process created via transaction PC00_M08_CDTA using. This created a file 09573P, which I have selected in the identification field in transaction PC00_M99_FPAYM Create DME u2013 Payment Medium Workbench While executing this program in the Output we have an error log spool number 9662 and the BACS file itself has split into two separate company codes (we assume the error log refers to this split). Therefore, this should resolve the issue of split BACS costing on P4 between cc1000 and cc2000.We donu2019t want this split to occur

We are under the impression that the only changes to the BACS file creation process should be that the sort code and Bank Account of the originator .

Can you provide me the inputs to avoid this split b/w two company codes.