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Mar 23, 2010 at 10:23 AM

Comparative calculation in a monthly report


Hi all,

I have a report for quantity for 3 months(billing date base) .

EX: 01.01.2010 to 31.01.2010 01.02.2010-28.02.2010 01.03.2010-31.03.2010

Cust1 Qty 50 60 40

Like that I have Quantities for 3 months. Now my question is how to calculate the added quantity of the next month compared to current month.

For suppose if I want added quantity of February, I can see that there is 10Quantity increased, but how to write the formula for this.

And at the same time how to write a formula for the decreased quantity if we need to see the quantity of March.

Here for Billing date I have taken 3 variables with offset values(for information).

Like that if I run a report for 6months I want a formula which calculates the increased as well decreased quantities for all 6months.

Please answer