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Mar 23, 2010 at 09:19 AM

After MRP planned orders are not getting generated?



Our bussiness is make to stock and repetetive manufacturing.

We have a prob in running MRP, i enter the demand in MD61 on day basis and after running MRP for some materials all planned orders getting generated wrt to demand but for some materials only some planned orders getting generated means it's not taking full demand ex i have material A and paln is 1000 for 10days i entered demand in MD61 for 10days 100 each and if B material is having same 1000 demand so i enter 100 each then i run MRP and the out put is im getting 10planned orders with 100 each qty for A material where as for material B im not getting full 10 orders only 2 or 3 with 100 each what could be the reason ?



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