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Mar 23, 2010 at 05:03 AM

Revision level not updated in Delivery inspection


Dear QM friends

I am facing the below issue when implementing delivery inspection.

We are maintaining Engineering Change Number concept and it is applicable for Material Master, BOM and Task lists. So our inspection Plan will always maintained with Change Number for all inspection type.

This Change number concept works fine in GR inspection (Inspection type 01) in following way. Revision number was maintained in Schedule Agreement Line Item, additional Data screen (In administration BOX). When GR was made inspection lot generated and shows the Revision number for the material in inspection lot display QA03 (Header). If plan having same change number system assigns the Plan and releases. Also this revision number can be viewed in QA32 screen itself.

This is failing when creating inspection lot for a delivery. Origin 10 and inspection type used was 10. Inspection plan maintained with change number. Schedule agreement (Sale order) having revision number in the same tab of above said. Even though in lot display QA03 it was not appearing. So the same is not coming in QA32 screen. But inspection plan was attached automatically.

We need same change number (Revision level) concept for Delivery inspection also. Kindly help us, i have missed any masters, or config or any steps i have to do to solve this issue.

Thanks n Regards